Here you will find details of a range of Diversa’s key corporate policies and governance documents.

The Constitution of a company is a primary corporate governance document which must be adhered to by the Board. This is the Diversa Constitution as amended at 15 January 2009.

Board Charter
The Board Charter details the operation of the Diversa Board including its role and responsibilities, committees and operating procedures.

Code of Conduct
The Company’s Code of Conduct & Ethical Standards Policy ensures that all Directors, employees and contractors understand the behaviour and actions expected of them throughout and after their employment.

Continuous Disclosure Policy
When a listed company becomes aware of any information that could be expected to have a material effect on the price or value of the Company’s securities, it must immediately disclose that information to the ASX. This document outlines Diversa’s approach to continuous disclosure.

Shareholder Communication Policy
The aim of this policy is to promote effective and timely communication with shareholders and encourage effective participation at general meetings.

Risk Management Policy
This policy outlines Diversa’s approach to risk managment within its business operations.

Audit and Risk Committee Charter

2015 Corporate Governance Statement

Securities Trading Policy
As a listed company, key Diversa management and Directors are restricted from trading in it’s securities and are subject to Insider Trading prohibitions. This document details Diversa’s Securities Trading Policy.

Remuneration Committee Charter