Through working with Diversa Superannuation Services, niche superannuation funds and advisors that focus on specific affinity groups or industries can deliver competitive customer outcomes, remain relevant and can prosper in an environment focused on consolidation.

We believe that such funds are governed by individuals that have inherently higher levels of focus, passion, interest, engagement, responsiveness, personal relationships and insight into their membership.

Through offering a model which smaller super funds can join, as well as become equity partners if appropriate, we offer access to innovative investment, insurance and superannuation products and services, efficient administration and quality member and employer services that remove obstacles for competing with larger players.

Strength & Benefits

Our business was established to provide the right support to niche super funds challenged by the costs of offering a competitive suite of superannuation services. We provide this support in the following areas:

  • Trusteeship
  • Administration
  • Product management
  • Insurance
  • Marketing services (to employers and members)
  • Internet technology services
  • Member services
  • Employer services
  • Investment management and consulting services

This range of business services can be accessed in whole or in part and progressively over time.

Central to the strength of our collaborative approach is the fact that as our partners utilise more services and additional superannuation funds join our network, further capability and scale is delivered to fund members.

By enabling more parties to operate at lower cost, and robustly leveraging infrastructure and know-how to make operating a super fund more efficient, we align resources and expertise to build better products that make our partners’ funds highly competitive.