Diversa Pty Ltd is an ASX-listed financial services company established in March 2009. The business was founded by Matthew Morgan and Angus Craig with initial capital provided by cornerstone shareholders Bizzell Capital Partners (Stephen Bizzell) and CPS Group (Dr Ian Campbell) and associated entities.

Diversa offers direct exposure to the large and strongly growing savings and investment industries. These industries are dominated by superannuation savings, but include non-superannuation money. The firm provides essential superannuation, risk and investment management products and services to wholesale clients. These clients include superannuation funds, financial advisers, accountants and fund managers.

The Diversa Group mission is to enable specialist, niche superannuation funds, financial advisers and fund managers to compete effectively with larger industry peers.

We do so by seeking innovative ways for these smaller businesses to gain the benefits of scale through collaboration, and the creation of arrangements that deliver innovative products and services.  This allows each specialist business to focus on what they do best – service clients, members and investors.

The executive management team combines substantial knowledge and experience from the disciplines of investment management, superannuation, insurance and advisor support, with proven results in establishing pragmatic, innovative, client-oriented solutions.

Organisations working with Diversa will enjoy the scale and support benefits of partnering with a larger group. They may also take an equity position in our listed entity, enabling them to participate in the growth of its wider operations and ensuring an alignment of interests.