The Praemium SMA Superannuation Fund (the Fund) allows members to access a range of investments across multiple asset classes via its investment in the Separately Managed Accounts ARSN 114 818 530 (the Scheme), a registered managed investment scheme of which Praemium Australia Limited (the Sponsor) is the responsible entity. The Sponsor is a wholly owned subsidiary of Praemium Limited which was established in 2001 and is a provider of investment platforms with offices in Australia, the UK, Jersey and Hong Kong. For more information visit our website or call us on 03 8622 1222.

The Fund offers members a choice of Model Portfolios which are designed and managed by experienced investment managers.  From time to time Praemium buys and sells securities to match the asset allocation specified in the Model Portfolio(s) you have selected.  You benefit by receiving a transparent investment experience where you can see the specific underlying securities in which your super is invested.  As with all managed investment schemes, specific assets are held on your behalf by the responsible entity of the scheme (or its appointed custodian).  Accordingly investors do not have a right in relation to or interest in any particular asset or investment. Your adviser can help you select the right mix of Model Portfolios for your personal circumstances.

Your investment in the Fund is held by the Trustee, which is Diversa Trustees Limited.  Diversa Trustees specialises in superannuation trustee services and is regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).

Your investment in the Fund is covered by the Fund PDS which is available from

The Fund has the following account types:

Accumulation Account

The Accumulation Account is designed to provide you with a means to save for your retirement by accepting a wide range of contribution types and rollovers and providing access to insurance cover through a number of insurers. Refer to the Fund’s Investment Guide for a list of current providers.

Transition to Retirement Pension Account

The Transition to Retirement Pension Account is designed to provide you with a tax-effective income when you have reached your preservation age but wish to continue to work either full or part time.

Account Based Pension Account

The Account Based Pension Account is designed to provide you with a regular income after you retire for as long as you have an account balance. It enables you to keep part or all of your superannuation benefit with the Fund and receive an income stream that is subject to little or no tax